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Boating activities

We are happy to extend a canal cruise with a fun activity such as a Leiden course, a boating quiz, a cooking workshop, a walking tour or pushing with 'the Doordouwer'. 

For inspiration, below are a number of standard options you can book with us. Of course, it is also possible to customise an entire sailing trip. For example, a three-hour cruise on the beautiful Kagerplassen and the Joppe, followed by dinner at a restaurant of your choice. Feel free to contact us to discuss all the possibilities!


With our regular catering partners, we are happy to provide catering on board; from a 'Coffee boat' to a luxury lunch on board. View the catering options here.

Wijnproeverij Rondvaart leiden

boating activities


Leiden on foot & by boat

You can discover Leiden both from the water and on the shore. That is why we offer three different sailing and walking packages:

- Singelpark route

- Get to know Leiden

- Rembrandt's waterways and walking routes

Selecteer een optie hierboven


Every person is special and every goodbye is as well…
The Leidse Rederij Foundation offers you the unique opportunity to arrange a personal funeral in the event of your death.
For people for whom water has been important in their lives, we make a last boat trip to Rhijnhof aan de Rijn.


Wedding boat

Are you tying the knot? 
The Leidse Rederij is a specialist in wedding cruises and the following also applies to your wedding day: Nothing is too crazy for us! 


Leidse Cursus

* not available for people who do not speak Dutch *


Sailing and walking in the wake of the Romans

Cruise along the Old Rhine, recently a UNESCO World Heritage Site!
Two thousand years ago it was busy on and along the Old Rhine, the northern border (Limes) of the mighty Roman Empire. It was one of the most important shipping routes for troops and trade in Europe.

And you can experience a part of that!


Laughing boat

Laughter connects. Sailing gives it a special dimension. The ideal outing for your company or team!


Leidse Bingo

* not available for people who do not speak Dutch *



In early spring there is an opportunity to take a special 'bird tour' in the Groene Hart.  An experienced guide will provide you with information about the meadow birds during the breeding season and will look for beautiful spots in the polders to photograph from the water. 
Don't forget your camera and binoculars!


Pushing with the

Step aboard the Doordouwer, an old sea sloop that you propel yourself.

Two experienced skippers will guide you across the water - with drum beats or the beat of music.

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