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Catering on board

We are happy to extend a canal cruise with snacks and drinks on board. 

Below are a number of standard options you can book with us for inspiration. With our regular catering partners, we are happy to provide catering on board; from a 'Coffee boat' to a luxury lunch on board. 


We are also happy to extend your canal cruise with a fun activity such as a Leiden course, a boating quiz, a cooking workshop, a walking tour or pushing with 'the Doordouwer'.


Drink boat

Drinks on board at De Leidse Rederij!
What's better than a drink on friday afternoon in the sun? Indeed, a Friday afternoon in the sun on board on one of our beautiful open boats! 


Love-to-Share-on board

Dine on the water?
It's possible with us! The Leidse Rederij and Brasserie de Poort offer you a culinary experience; dine while you sail through the canals of Leiden.
Enjoy a Love-to-Share-on board dinner, where you will be served various dishes to share on board. Discover Leiden from the water.


Other Catering

Examples of catering
(these prices do not include boat rental)

Individual drink packages, snacks and appetizers.


Lunch on board

Enjoy a delicious lunch on the water halfway through the day. The Lunch Boat is the ideal combination of lunch and a boat trip. Ideal for a business lunch with customers and colleagues or a great time with friends and family.


Tasting wine on the Leiden canals

The Leidse Rederij presents: 'tasting wine on the Leiden canals'.
For an hour and a half we will take you into the fascinating world of wine. While sailing you will taste and discover eight beautiful wines. Skipper and pourer alternate with inspiring wine stories and beautiful anecdotes about the well-known and hidden gems of Leiden.


Coffee boat

From coffee with apple pie to a complete High coffee/tea. With our coffee boats there is an excuse for every occasion to celebrate this delicious drink.


Ice cream boat tour

For 1.5 hours you will sail through 'Oudt Leyden', past the many beautiful monuments, special views and beautiful parks. Of course we will tell you great stories about this special city!
In collaboration with Gelateria MaximsWe make a stop along the way where delicious Italian ice creams are brought on board.

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