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Stichting De Leidse Rederij

Golden Rules

1. Payment Information:

   Payment details are outlined in the cost overview above. We will discuss the payment method for the cruise with you. This can be done via PIN (Maestro or V-pay) or in cash at our Harbor Office. Alternatively, you can also pay by invoice. If you choose our caterer, payment will always be by invoice. You will receive it within a week after the cruise, covering both catering and boat rental costs.


2. Is There Music Onboard?

   Yes! Someone from your group can connect to our onboard radio system and act as the DJ during the cruise. Please note: Connecting may be via Bluetooth on some boats and with an aux cable on others. If your phone lacks an aux port, bring an adapter.


3. Inclement Weather:

   We sail in all weather conditions, even if it's raining or cold. For light summer rain, we provide umbrellas onboard, and on cold days, we offer fleece blankets for all guests.


4. Cancellation Policy:

If, however, circumstances arise that prevent your cruise from taking place, we always offer you the option to reschedule the cruise. If this is not possible, then we apply the following cancellation conditions:

   - Catering Onboard: You can cancel catering up to 3 days before the cruise. Within 3 days, the full catering cost is charged.

   - Weather Conditions: If the weather becomes severe, you can cancel the cruise up to 3 hours before departure without charges. We may also cancel if conditions are too unsafe.

   - March 15 to October 15: Cancellations within 3 hours before departure incur the full cruise cost.

   - October 15 to March 15: Free cancellation up to 3 days before the cruise. Cancellations on the same day or within 3 hours incur charges.

   - Multiple Boat Cruise: Free cancellation or partial cancellation of boats is possible up to 1 month in advance.


5. Adjusting Guest Count:

   You can adjust the number of guests until the boat reaches its maximum capacity if there is no catering. With catering, changes can be made up to three working days before the cruise.


6. Special Dietary Requests:

   Notify us of any allergies or dietary preferences at least 3 working days before the cruise. Almost anything is possible in this case.


7. Bringing Own Catering:

   You are free to bring your own snacks and drinks onboard. However, we can also create a custom catering arrangement upon discussion. We expect the boat to be cleaned after the cruise.


8. Parking Information:

   Park at Stadsparkeerplan Leiden, Haagweg 8. Free city shuttles run every few minutes to and from the city center. Call 071-512 00 71 after your visit for a shuttle back to your car.


9. Boarding/Disembarking Location:

   Typically, our boarding and disembarking location is always at Apothekersdijk no. 5 (the harbor office). If you prefer a different location, we can discuss it with additional fees for boarding or disembarking.


10. Preferred Skipper:

   Certainly! If you have a preference for a specific skipper, feel free to contact them directly. They can check their schedule for availability for your delightful cruise.

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