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  • Can I rent a boat without a skipper?
    Unfortunately, we do not rent boats without a skipper. Our partners, Olympia Charters (Warmond), are happy to rent out a boat for you to sail yourself.
  • Can my dog come on board?
    Yes! We really like dogs (especially if they are on a leash, which is mandatory because of the danger of jumping overboard), so they are certainly allowed on board. And no; a dog is not a person, so you don't have to buy a ticket for your dog!
  • How do I pay for the boat trip?
    We agree with you how the payment for the trip will go. This can be done by PIN or cash at our Port Office, but you can also pay by invoice.
  • What languages does the skipper speak?
    In principle, our skippers speak Dutch, but thanks to the large number of skippers who sail with us, we can also arrange an English, German, French, Greek, Spanish and Japanese-speaking skipper for you. We ask if you would like to state your language preference when booking.
  • Can a wheelchair-bound person come on board?
    We have a boat with a wheelchair lift (the Irma la Douche). We do ask that you indicate in advance that the lift is necessary, so that we can prepare properly.
  • Where can I park if I come by car?
    Stichting Stadsparkeerterrein Haagweg 8 (2311AA) is located on the edge of the historic center of Leiden. The most affordable parking lot in the city with 500 places is just over a five-minute walk from our Port Office at Apothekersdijk number 5. From this parking lot, free city shuttles run every few minutes to and from any location in the city center. After your visit to Leiden, you can call 071-512 00 71. The shuttle bus will then be in front of you within a few minutes to take you back to the car. For more information see:< /a>
  • Hoi dit is een test
    We sail from one guest and we can sail groups of up to 300 people with our twelve ships!
  • Until what time can I sail?
    In principle, we are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to set sail for you. Contact us and tell us your wishes.
  • Can I bring my own catering?
    You are free to bring your own snacks and/or drinks on board, but we can also make a tailor-made catering arrangement in consultation.
  • Where do I get on/off?
    In principle, we always stick to Apothekersdijk no. 5 (our Port Office) as a pick-up and drop-off location. If you want to get on or off somewhere else, you can discuss this with us. We then charge for/navigation costs.
  • Do I have to make a reservation to join?
    Yes and no. You can show up without a reservation and hope for a spot on board, but our shuttle service is extremely popular and is often completely full. It is therefore very wise to make a reservation to be sure of a spot. (Reservation is completely free of charge, so why not do it? ;))
  • Can I still cancel the tour?
    Yes! In the unlikely event that you cannot sail along, we would like to hear from you. We can then remove the reservation from our system. In this way, the skipper is not waiting for people who do not come at all. Cancelling is free of charge, because the tickets have not yet been paid.
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