Group trips

Group trips already booked
If you have booked between 1 June - 31 July 2020, please contact the port office of the shipping company and we will discuss the options for your trip.

Group cruises From Monday 1 June 2020
From Monday 1 June, we will be fully open again for group cruises with due observance of the one and a half meter protocol and the spreading measures from RIVM (on board, on the quay and in the Port Office). The maximum group size per boat is therefore ten passengers*.

* Families / couples (living at the same address) count as one passenger.

Covered boats
The covered boats 'Welvaart' and 'Irma la Douche' are available for group cruises. In case of good weather these boats sail open and in bad weather the roof can be placed on the boat. The sides remain due to the current situation (and therefore ventilation) open.