General information

How does the shipping company deal with hygiene on the quay, in the Port Office and on board?
The shipping company cleans after every sale and sails the Port Office and the boats. This means that the sales desk (including PIN device), banisters, handles are completely clean before the next ticket sale and sail. The skippers also clean "their place" after every trip.

Before you board the Apothekersdijk, you can use the disinfection kit on the quay.
Unfortunately, due to the measures it is not possible to help you on board our boats and we ask you to leave the boat for what it is if you show any symptoms.

Furthermore, the dissemination measures from RIVM on the quay, in the Port Office and on board apply.

Of course we follow the latest developments around the virus closely. If the government comes up with new measures, we will follow up on this.