• Concerning the Corona-virus

Concerning the Corona-virus

Stichting De Leidse Rederij is taking full responsibility during this time and will limit her activities until April 28, 2020.  
Our boats will stay in port and we won’t be doing our canal tours or our group tours.
Our Shipping Office will also be closed until April 28, 2020 (we are, of course, available by phone or by e-mail).

In case you’ve made a reservation for a boat tour between now and the 28st of April, we would like you to contact us, so we can reschedule the trip.

We wish all (future) guests, collegues, suppliers, clients, skippers, restaurant businesses and fellow entrepreneurs in the Leiden area all of the strength and luck and would like to welcome everyone on board again after this whole situation is solved.

Of course we follow the latest developments around the virus closely. If the government comes up with new measures, we will follow up on this.