Where do I board/ disembark?
We usually depart at Apothekersdijk no.5 (it being our Shipping Office). It’s definitely possible for us to pick you up/ drop you off somewhere else. We do charge additional costs for picking you up/ dropping you off somewhere else.

Can I bring my own food/drinks?
You’re allowed to bring your own drinks and/or food. It’s also possible to book a catering arrangement, that we can put together completely to your liking.

How do I pay for the boat trip?
You can either pay at our Shipping Office cash or by PIN, or by invoice.

Until what time do you guys provide boat tours?
We’re ready to drive boats 24 hours per day. Contact us to discuss your wishes.

Can I rent a boat without a skipper?
Unfortunately we don’t rent any boats without skipper. Our partner, Olympia Charters (located in Warmond), does provide boats you can drive yourself.

Can a wheelchair bound person get on board?
Our boat Irma la Douche is equipped with a wheelchair lift. We do ask you to tell us you need to use the lift in advance, so we can prepare the boat accordingly.

What languages do your skippers speak?
Because of the many skippers working at our foundation, we can provide tours in the following languages: Dutch, English, German, French, Greek, Spanish, Japanese. We do appreciate it if you could tell us your preferred language in advance, so we can find a skipper who speaks the language in question.

Up to how many people can your boats carry?
With our twelve boats we can provide boat tours starting at one person, up to 300 people!