Volunteers for our technical team

In the last few years our fleet has grown in the number of boats as well as the number of technical tasks.
With a wide range of boats, we also have a wide range of technic. Because our boats are so frequently used, it’s also very important to check the boats often and make sure they are still ready to be used. In the last few years we have invested in technical stuff for our boats, to keep our technic up to date. Because of that, our fleet looks beautiful and all of our boats work like a charm. Of which we are, of course, very proud!

To maintain our quality, we are looking for reinforcement for our technical team. Within this team we’re looking for people who have knowledge of at least one of the following subcategories and are willing to help us at least one day per week.

The subcategories are:
o Engine technology/ diesel technology;
o Service in case of ‘emergency’;
o Mechanical engineering
o Electrical engineering
o Someone who can help with small tasks, such as;
a. Woodworking
b. Painting techniques
c. Boat covers/ ropeworks

Everyone who has some kind of technical experience is welcome to join our foundation.
Up to a certain point we are willing to teach you all about the technique of our boats, but we do expect a certain technical background if you want to work for us.

If you are available for a few hours per week and would like to join our foundation, feel free to contact us. We can provide you with more information and we can discuss the potential of you becoming a skipper via our coordinator;

Daaf Sloos; 071-528 22 52, boeking@leidserederij.nl

Or just visit us in our Shipping Office, located at Apothekersdijk number 5 in Leiden, for a cup of coffee.