• Beer Variation

Beer Variation

Get on board and join us on a surprising boat trip through the old city of Leiden.
Sail along with us through our city, where the dark water of the canals and moats reflects a past of beautiful buildings and facades.
While on the boat, you’ll be treated on ‘bites and beer’, which remind us of a time when Leiden was a city of strangers.

Newcomers caused Leiden to thrive in the 16th and 17th century. A time which would later be named the ‘golden age’.
Together with their language and culture, these immigrants also brought their kitchen along with them. This led to the people of Leiden getting to know different kinds of Spanish, Flemish, French and English beers. Today, the chorizo, Belgian waffles, baguette and sandwich are completely settled in.
Sailing through the city, we’ll pass the places these newcomers settled down or got displaced.
On board the skipper will tell you the story of Leiden in it’s prime and we’ll set sail to a ‘Leids beer’ and some Dutch cheese.
After that you’ll taste the other countries’ beers and bites and the skipper will tell you all about the specific country and it’s connection to Leiden. You can make your choice out of six counties;

The Netherlands – Van Slag ipa – ‘bitterbal’
Belgium – Vedett wit – paper cone of fries
Germany – Paulaner – knackwurst
Spain – Estrella – serrano ham/manchego
Japan – iKi – wasabi nuts
Italy – Birra Moretti – bruschetta with tomato

A nice and fun trip through the international city of Leiden.

Prices beer and bites Beer Variation:
For 3 countries: €16,50 p.p.
For 4 countries: €19,50 p.p.

Prices boat trip Bier Vaariatie:
1.5 hours with up to 20 persons €145,-
2 hours with up to 20 persons €180,-
1.5 hours with up to 30 persons €200,-
2 hours with up to 30 persons €235,-