• Photoboot(h)
  • Photoboot(h)


Get on board; put on a flashing outfit, grab a crazy wig and sail along with us for the most amazing photoshoot ever. During 1 or 1.5 hours we will drive the boat through the moats and canals of Leiden which will make for the best and most photogenic background ever. On board you will find many crazy, hysterical accessories to take the funniest, most ridiculous Polaroid photos of yourself, the group and/or the sights. Connect the mobile printer to your phone and print them within seconds, after a quick photoshop session.

Get on board of the ‘Photoboot(h)’ and make amazing memories!

Prices Photoboot(h):
1hour with up to 20 persons €155,-
1.5hours with up to 20 persons €195,-
1hour with up to 30 persons €220,-
1.5hours with up to 30 persons €250,-

Prices Polaroid pictures:
1 film (10 photos) €12,50
2 films (20 photos) €25,00
3 films (30 photos) €37,50
4 films (40 photos) €50,00
5 films (50 photos) €62,50
6 films (60 photos) €75,00

Tips and Conditions Photoboot(h):
* We recommend to order (at least) two photos per person;
* Ordered (new or half-used) films will not be taken back/settled. Make sure to use up all of the photos you’ve ordered!
* All prices include captain, VAT, use of our mobile printer and use of our accessories.