• Poort van Leyden
  • Poort van Leyden
  • Poort van Leyden

Poort van Leyden

A classical lifeboat 

max. 40 passengers - Book here

This old sea-going lifeboat served as such for a long time on an Italian cruise ship in the last century. After many wanderings this ship came to Holland as a wreck.

After an extensive refurbishment of the hull the original fittings of this aluminium boat were retained. On board we see two cascaded seating layers that offer space to up to 40 passengers. This lay-out provides a lot of space on board.

This classical boat is very suited to larger groups and offers many possibilities for nice add-ons to your trip, such as an on-board lunch or dinner and on-board drinks.

The boat has sound-equipment wich is compatible with modern digital music sources.