• Nondeju
  • Nondeju


An old lifeboat

max. 24 passengers - Book here

The ‘Nondeju’ (slang Dutch version of French ‘Nom de Dieu’) is a polyester lifeboat identical to the ‘Sodeju’. In 2011, we accidentally found her on a shipyard in a deplorable state. After some research we discovered that the ‘Nondeju’ was also built in the sixties at the shipyard of Mulder&Rijke, in the same batch as the ‘Sodeju’, which was already part of our fleet. We took on the challenge to completely refurbish this lifeboat with the help of our technical volunteers.

The refurbished lifeboat was added to our fleet in 2012 as our tenth ship.
With larger groups, the ‘Nondeju’ is often used in combination with her sister ship the ‘Sodeju’, which provides for beautiful nautical pictures.

The ‘Nondeju’ has sound-equipment on board wich is compatible with modern digital music sources.