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A classical lifeboat with a unique manual propelling system and an electrical engine. (non-smoking boat)

For 16 – 45 passengers - Book here

‘Pushing ahead with the Doordouwer’

Welcome on board the ‘Doordouwer’ (the name means as much as the ‘stayer’, or the ‘pushy one’), a refurbished lifeboat, and do-it-yourself! This unique ship contains its original manual propelling system with eight handles, which are operated by opposite pairs with an alternating push-and-pull movement.

Due to safety reasons, it is not allowed to smoke on board of the 'Doordouwer'.

As a result of this movement, the propeller is powered and the boat starts to move.

These ‘Verhoef’ lifeboats were used in the fifties on ships such as the well-known whalers Willem Barendsz I and II. In polar waters, the crew should be able to quickly move away from a sinking ship. The old diesel engines from those days were not always reliable at low temperatures. Hence the manual movement, with added advantage that it kept the passengers warm!

Under the guidance of two experienced skippers you will be an active crew; drum beats or the ‘beat’ of music will determine the ship’s pace.

Relax through labour during this sporty trip. The skippers will guide you safely along the moats and canals of Leiden, or across the choppy waters of the Kagerplassen. This classical lifeboat has a capacity of 45 ‘heads’, so there is ample opportunity on the way to alternate ‘pushers’.

In addition the lifeboat is equipped with an electrical engine, so there is enough opportunity on the way to incorporate rest periods between all these physical exercises.

The ‘Doordouwer’ offers an enjoyable and sporty challenge for groups starting at 16 persons. The ship has sound-equipment on board which is compatible with modern digital music sources.