• Cocosmacroon
  • Cocosmacroon


A Friesian ‘skûtsje’ on Leiden’s waterways

max. 30 passengers - Book here

In addition to being a name for a cookie, Cocosmacroon is also Leiden slang for a ‘weirdo’. Together with the ‘Wattanjûh’, the Cocosmacroon was inspired by the Friesian skûtsje, an old ship model that fits the image of the historical city centre of Leiden. A skûtsje (Friesian for small ship or ‘shippy’) is a collective term for the flatboats that served in the early twentieth century as cargo boats on the inland waterways. The design of both shippies was commissioned by our shipping company to a Friesian ship designer.

The outfitting of both our ‘shippies’ (the other one being the ‘Wattanjûh’) was established largely by our own enthusiastic technical crew. Both shippies sail the waterways of Leiden since 2011 and are also used as tour boat on a fixed trajectory, departing every hour from the shipping office at the Apothekersdijk number 5. Also the taxi service between Leiden and Katwijk aan Zee: ‘The Venice of the West’, is operated by a ‘shippy’.

On board you have ample space and comfortable seating, with sound-equipment wich is compatible with modern digital music sources.