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An old lifeboat 

max. 24 passengers - Book here
Due to the one and a half meter protocol in 2021 (until further notice) suitable for max. 6* passengers

* Families / couples (living at the same address - called household) count as one passenger. This makes it possible to supplement the boat in consultation with up to 10 passengers

The ‘Sodeju’ (slang combining the terms ‘Sodomy’ and ‘Nom de Dieu’) is a polyester lifeboat that was built in the sixties at the shipyard of Mulder&Rijke in IJmuiden. This shipyard was one of the designers and builders of lifeboats in the Netherlands. For many years the shipbuilding was commissioned by the Royal Navy and the Dutch organised rescue service to this shipyard.

It is likely that the ‘Sodeju’ served as lifeboat on a Marine Frigate. Now she is a beloved boat for our popular tours through Leiden, ranging from family outings to anniversaries and from a course in Leiden’s dialect to a sailing quiz. 

The ‘Sodeju’ has sound-equipment on board wich is compatible with modern digital music sources.