• Wine tasting on board
  • Wine tasting on board
  • Wine tasting on board

Wine tasting on board

What could be more fun than to enjoy the world of wine and the canals of Leiden at the same time?
The wine tasting on board is the most laid-back tasting event in Leiden. Wine is a fantastic product full of craftsmanship and love. The world of wine is getting more and more fascinating. It seems as if there are new wine regions added every day. Strange names and grape species appear on pretty and promising labels.

But is wine complicated? No it isn't!

It is all about enjoying wine and that does not take much. Actively tasting wine is relaxing and strengthens relationships. During the trip you will have a chance, under expert guidance of Anjo van Delft, registered viticulturist and sommelier, to discover tasting wine. A selection of 7 or 8 wines will give you an impression of the world of wine. You can opt for a selection of European, global or your theme of choice of wines.

The waterways of Leiden and tasting wine ?
The prettiest bouquet!

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